Our Technology

Cytrellis technology is designed to remove unwanted skin at the microscale, without scarring and without surgery, unlike any product on the market.

Uncovering an Opportunity

Cytrellis’ proprietary micro-coring skin removal technology is an entirely new category of investigational dermatological treatment with versatility for multiple, high value opportunities.

Our technology is simple and non-energy based. It is designed to remove multiple, micro-sized portions of skin using patented designs and methods. While many energy-based treatments utilize thermal means to try and repair damaged skin, they have limited efficacy or require long healing time and they have no ability to significantly reduce or remove undesired, lax skin. Using present-day techniques, a patient has to undergo surgery to remove unwanted skin and achieve a significant reduction in sagging skin.

Cytrellis Technology

Cytrellis has created a system including a hand-held device and consumables which is designed to treat large surface areas on the face in a precise and user friendly manner. The device includes a skin-coring mechanism designed to precisely control location and depth of micro-excisions.*